Amplify Sacramento

Sacramento Band She in the 1960s

Amplify Sacramento is a project to create community and celebrate the creative work of women, girl, trans, and gender expansive musicians in the Sacramento area. This project is inspired by the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, which includes Girls Rock Sacramento, as well as the Women of Rock Oral History Project. The theories of musician and scholar Bearnice Johnson Reagon have also influenced this project.

How Do I Participate?

There are three parts to this project: a song archive, a podcast, and a directory.

Song Archive

Which one of your songs are you most proud of? Maybe it’s one you don’t get to play very often. Maybe it’s a song you’d like to share with young songwriters. Maybe you’d just like a reason to write a song for other people who might be going through the same things you are.

Record a video of you playing your song, and email the video and a short explanation of what the song means to you to We’ll add it to our growing archive of songs by Sacramento musicians. All genres, styles, and types of performance are welcome!


Would you like to be interviewed for the Amplify Sacramento podcast? It only takes an hour of your time. Email to set up a time that’s convenient for you. All ages and levels of musical expertise welcome!


Having trouble finding other people to collaborate with? Add your name to the Amplify Sacramento Directory. Just fill out the form below:

Why Just Women, Girls, Trans, and Gender Expansive Musicians?

In 2018, a team of researchers from the Berklee School of Music distributed a survey which polled nearly 2,000 women in the U.S. music industry. Their findings suggest that gender influences musicians’ employment and career satisfaction. In other words, non-cis-men musicians experience challenges that are specific to their genders.

It can be difficult to know whether something is just in your head, or if there’s something bigger going on. This project tackles what that “something bigger” might be while still attending to the specificity of individual experiences.

If you’re interested in learning more about research related to women, trans, and gender expansive musicians, check out my Reading List!

About Me

Me with a cookie on my face at Girls Rock Sacramento

I’m a musician, sister, runner, performer, gamer, cook, teacher, writer, and researcher currently living in Davis, CA, though I’m originally from New Jersey. I am a volunteer with Girls Rock Sacramento, a nonprofit organization that teaches social justice through music. I’m also a PhD student at UC Davis trying my darnedest to finish a degree in ethnomusicology.

Because I am new to the Sacramento scene, I’d be appreciative of any suggestions you’d like to offer to make this idea something that best supports women, trans, and gender expansive musicians and songwriters in Sacramento and the surrounding area. This project is yours. Please reach out via email ( or the contact form below!

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